Vesper Noir Birthday 2023

For our dear Resident Scholar of the Adventurer's Guild TEMPUS and member of Holostars English

Hey Vesper, happy birthday - you made it!

The Vesties are thrilled to present you with this very special website, dedicated to your first Holostars birthday celebration. We have some exciting projects in store for you with the help of the Vesties from all across the globe, and we hope you enjoy them all.

This website is a testament to things we hope you’ll love, designed to revel in the joys of the most exceptional scholar there is – Vesper Noir. As you navigate through the site, we hope you feel the warmth and admiration from everyone who has taken the time to contribute as we express the delight you have brought to all of the Vesties, Tempura, and those around you - we are thrilled to be a part of this special occasion as well.

We hope that you’ll have an amazing birthday. You are also well loved by us!

Once again, Happy Birthday Vesper!

- Your Vesties (We don’t hate you!)

Project Bookshelf

The Floppy Disk, VHS, Teacup Catalog, and Scrapbook are stream-safe and all permissions are granted by the contributors. The Vestie Fun Facts Board's stream-safe status is up to Vesper Noir's discretion, though nothing overly identifiable is included in its contents. The Guest Book is deemed not stream-safe out of caution, since the messages may contain more personal elements. Each bookshelf item will open in a new tab once clicked.

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